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Many window washing companies promise a lot, but how do you know whom to trust with your Denver CO property? We have years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers that show what we are capable of.

We bring our A game to every job and provide only the best clean. As a local Denver window washing company, we care about our neighbors, our clients, and our employees. We provide safe Eco-friendly window-cleansing services that make your building shine.

Window washing isn’t just about scrubbing glass, it is making sure anything next to or below the window is left clean as well. Our technicians won’t leave drips, residue, or debris on your sills, walls, tables, or floors. This is an important detail missed by many companies.

  • Exceptional Value
  • Sparkling Clean Windows
  • Fast Scheduling and On Time Arrival
  • Professional, Local Team
  • No Mess

Our friendly experts will quickly have your windows and skylights sparkling clean, letting in more light, and improving the appearance of your home. You can expect courteous prompt attention.

Call 720.352.1654 now or get a free estimate by email. Our professional team has been servicing both commercial and residential properties in the Colorado Front Range for over 17 years.

windows before after 2We clean your windows by hand with a sheepskin mop and squeegee. We are skilled at safely accessing difficult to reach areas. We use professional window cleansing tools, professional grade extension ladders with stabilizer bars and leg levelers. We also make sure our ladders are clean before we bring them into your home, so that we never leave marks on your floors or walls.

Choose our environmentally friendly window washing service to clean the inside, outside or both sides of your windows. Or choose to have us clean only your most prominent windows, providing you the beauty of consistently clean windows without the cost of cleaning your entire home. We provide the flexibility you need.

Choosing Love Cleaning Co is an easy choice to make!

Love Cleaning Company is a locally owned company and it takes pride in providing a  professional experience for the client.  Owner operators tend to be courteous and have more pride in their work – Love Cleaning Co is no exception to this rule!  Attention is  particularly important when entering a client’s home, or workplace, to avoid tracking in dirt or otherwise disrupting the space.  The team strives to leave the home or office in a superior condition than the space began and with the addition of sparkling clean windows and/or carpets at the end.

Wide Range of Window Washing Expertise – Love Cleaning Co has extensive experience in residential and commercial window washing techniques.  Each variety has its own systems which build on one another.

Carpet Deep Cleaning – Even when a carpet looks nice on the surface, it is still acting like a filter that is constantly trapping dirt and allergens.  Various contaminants such as dust mites, pollen, fungi spores, animal dander and bacteria build up, the more likely it becomes that all of the above make into the air you, and your family, are breathing.  Love Cleaning Co pre-inspects, pre-vacuums, carefully moves your furniture, pre-spot treats, rinses and extracts contaminants, post spot treatments if necessary, speed dry with high velocity air movers, post grooming and finally inspects the results!

Air Ducts Rinsing– Personal health being impacted by the air quality in our homes and offices has been thoroughly studied and the results are damning!  It is clear that most of us neglect this important aspect of our health.  There are a large number of potential contaminants hiding in our ducts that should not be ignored: bacteria, molds, animal dander, airborne allergens and dust are all pollutants that if visible we would never allow ourselves, not to mention our children to be exposed to.

The cost of neglecting our air ducts is quite high when you consider that each time they are used that all of the above contaminants are forcefully recirculated through your home.

Gutters – Having your gutters cleaned ensures that they are doing their job which is to control the flow of water from your roof so it does not damage the edges of your roof, the walls, the foundation and/or the landscaping around your home or office.  It is easy to ignore these issues but water damage can extensively harm, particularly if left unattended for long periods of time, these parts of your home or office and more.  This is an essential maintenance task that should be scheduled on a regular basis so you do not forget.

Timely Service– the term professional obviously implies honoring client’s time constraints.  Scheduled tasks are honored as firm commitments.  Reliability comes first!

Fully Insured Service – Love Cleaning Co is fully insured in the unlikely event of property damage.  Your property is safe in our hands regardless, but knowing that your property is covered always contributes to a more relaxing experience.

Green Products– high quality and environmentally friendly glass & carpet cleaning products are used extensively.

Call Mark Risius of Love Cleaning Co today for superior friendly window cleaning, carpet & gutter cleaning services today! We love cleaning! 720-352-4408

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